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Video Games / Articles - 2019 years ago

Don't Forget The Last Guardian

UltraNova16h in the past(Edited 16h in the past)The Final Guardian was an amazing recreation. A recreation for gamers who appriciate totally different experiences. As for the "dwelling in SotC's shadow" assertion, I've to say, individuals who anticip...

Video Games / Articles - 2019 years ago

OK K.O.! Lets Play Heroes Review | TheXboxHub

James writes - "It’s been a very long time since I’ve binged on Cartoon Community exhibits, again when Cow & Hen and Dexter’s Lab have been at their peak. These days the channel is dominated by recent concepts like Steven Universe and Journey, ho...

Video Games / Articles - 2019 years ago

McFarlane Toys Reveals New Call Of Duty Figures

Garethvk1h in the pastYou additionally want so as to add a spawn tenting determine and one who appears to take limitless injury, one who can shoot round corners and see by means of buildings, and naturally, one who can name in kill streaks of a bette...