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Fate/EXTELLA: LINK Review | Nintendo World Report

by Donald Theriault: "With the large Nintendo-related hack and slash franchises (Hearth Emblem and Hyrule Warriors) already current on Change, the Destiny/EXTELLA titles don’t often get a whole lot of consideration. However the Destiny collection is...

Video Games / Articles - 2019 years ago

Defending Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

naruga16h in the past(Edited 16h in the past)Twin Snakes is shit compared to the unique ... og MGS is designed by adults for adults and Twin Snakes is a parody designed by geeks for what -they- consider -geeks -"will like"....Kojima s participation b...

Video Games / Articles - 2019 years ago

Dead Space: Getting the Narrative Tone Just Right

Lifeless Area might have relied on tropes and customary sci-fi cliches with its antagonists, but the best way it flings you into this mish-mash of private turmoil and cosmic malice underscores the essence of survival-horror and why it nonetheless may...